24 hour clock

We calculate our rates on a 24 hour cycle commencing from the time the vehicle is delivered to when the vehicle is collected. Should your dates and times change the rate charged would be changed accordingly.


airport pick up and drop off

Airport pick up is possible at no additional charge during normal office hours. On arrival at Cape Town International Airport please look out for one of our representatives who will be standing in the arrivals hall with your name on a board.

An after hour fee will be charged to meet flights arriving after 17h00 at night and before 08h00 in the morning.


delivery and collection of cars

We do deliver / collect within the city limits for a nominal fee depending on the delivery address. This fee ranges from R125 for deliveries to central Cape Town up to R500 for areas further a field.

We are a Cape Town based company and all hires must therefore begin and terminate in Cape Town.

No car is permitted beyond an 800 km radius from Cape Town without prior arrangement with Cape Car Hire. We do buy in vehicle from other suppliers and under those circumstances this radius would not apply.

Distance is calculated from our office in Airport Industria back to our office in Airport Industria or one of our other drop off points.

Cars are not permitted to cross any of the South African borders.

Speedometers are sealed and an additional 500 km per day will be charged should they be tampered with.

If the rental is extended beyond the original date of termination permission must be obtained from Cape Car Hire. Failure to do so will immediately negate all the insurance cover and will result in the vehicle being reported as stolen within 24 hours.



All rates are inclusive of maintenance and oil but do not include petrol.

All our vehicles are delivered with a full tank of petrol and the renter pays for refueling on return of the vehicle.

Please remember that in South Africa you cannot buy petrol with you credit card. Cash is needed when filling the vehicle.

See the section on our website ?Calculate your quote? to get an idea of how much petrol you will need for your journey.


driver's licences and conditions

Drivers must be in possession of an unendorsed licence, valid for at least two years.

Drivers are to be over 23 and under 70 years of age. If you are over 70 years of age our Insurers require a Doctor?s certificate to say that you are fit and healthy and capable of driving. No additional insurance costs are involved if the certificate is provided.

We do not charge for additional drivers. Clients may have up to three additional listed drivers per vehicle which allows the driving load to be shared at no additional charge.

Overseas visitors need an International driver's licence or a driver's licence that has a photograph of the driver on it. If there is no photograph on your licence, if stopped by the traffic authorities, you may be asked to produce another form of identification i.e. your passport.

With regard to the credit card licences, the Motor Advisory Committee has always maintained the position that while it is only a question of carrying the licence in the correct format, then insurance cover is not an issue. If, however, the Government deems a person unlicensed, that is, unable to convert and obliged to retest, because they are now deemed incompetent, and clients cannot provide proof that their underlying licence was validly issued, then Insurers will not be able to honour claims.

The latest position, and SAIA contacted a couple of testing stations in this regard, is the latter. The Government will not allow any more fist-time conversions - those persons who have not converted will have to retest and will not be able to obtain any proof of the validity of the underlying licence.

Company best practices to date have been to say that if the driver has not converted, but can bring proof that the underlying licence was validly issued, then Insurers will pay claims. It appears now that drivers will not be able to do this.

In light of the position taken by Government, drivers that have not converted will now be in contravention of the insurance policy, which requires not only that a person be validly licensed but the policy also generally requires that a person obey the laws of the country. A person who has not converted is by law not allowed to drive.

Had it only been the format of the licence that was under question, the position of insurers would have been completely different. The Motor Advisory Committee agrees that Insurers should not automatically repudiate claims, but should allow the unconverted driver to provide additional proof that their licence was validly issued, or is valid. This puts the onus on the Department of Transport to either provide the proof or uphold their decision that the licence has been withdrawn.


billing procedure

We do not offer advance notification of the invoice total. This is calculated only after the vehicle has been returned and checked.


credit cards

The renter must be in possession of a valid credit card. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners and Amex cards.

We require your credit card number, expiry date and the last three digits at the back of the card in order to secure the hire and provide you with a confirmation number. This is applicable irrespective of which insurance option you select.

We do not accept Debit Cards.

Two days before the hire commences we will obtain an authorisation on your credit card for the estimated value of the rental plus the insurance excess. This is an authorisation only, and not a payment of any form, but bear in mind that this amount will be held in reserve on your credit card.



We do not accept cash deposits.

Once the hire is complete you may pay in cash / traveler's cheques.

Cash payments are accepted at our offices only or via electronic funds transfer / direct deposit only.


extras and additions

We do not charge a tourism levy, airport surcharge or additional driver fees. The only additional charges would be:-

* If any excess kilometers are driven they will be charged at the per km rate specified per group.
* Delivery / collection fee if applicable.
* Petrol charges if the vehicle is not returned full.
* Accident damages (if applicable).
* Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


change in arrangements / standby passengers / missed flights

If your arrangements change and you are arriving on an earlier or later flight PLEASE let us know. Phone us, fax or email us so that we can be at the airport to meet you off your flight and not keep you waiting.

We can be contacted on +27-(0)21-385-0445 all hours



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