Two insurance options are available to you which allows you to choose the extent / risk to which you wish to expose yourself.

  1. A lower insurance rate with the standard insurance excess, known as Standard Insurance.

  2. A higher insurance rate with reduced excess, known as Super Cover Insurance.

In the event of loss or damage occurring, the client is liable for the full loss, but by purchasing insurance in the form of Collision Damage Waiver Insurance and Theft Loss Waiver Insurance, the amount payable by the client is limited to the excess applicable to the group of vehicle hired.

Should the client wish to drive the vehicle with reduced excess it is necessary for the client to take the Super Cover Insurance option.

Acceptance of Super Cover Insurance means that the Client is responsible for a reduced insurance excess.

There is no insurance cover for accidents occurring on gravel roads or roads other than tar regardless of which insurance option was taken.

Specific exclusions to all types of insurance cover:

  1. Loss of car keys / alarm / immobilizer
  2. Exceeding the 800kms radius from Cape Town
  3. Age restriction: Over 23 and under 70 years of age
  4. Endorsed driver?s licence
  5. Extensions of the rental without prior arrangement with Cape Car Hire
  6. Accidents occurring on gravel roads or roads other than tar



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Group S
Compact, hatchback
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Mid sized, Sedan
Group C
Mid sized, Sedan
Group D
Large, Station Wagon
Group J
Large, Mini Bus
Group O
Mid Sized Sedan


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